Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Consultation with OB (beware picture)))

So today at 4PM we had a consultation with my OB Dr. Edwards at Scripps in Rancho Bernardo.  He told me that the MRI wasnt what he was looking for. He would of rather me have a small septum that would be easily repaired, basically he suggested I see someone else to have them fix it. I have to have a hyst.....whatever x-ray in a few weeks where they inject dye in me. He has seen 10-20 women with this issue in the many years he has been practicing. He even brought out a book from 1970's (medical school).
He is going to send the pictures of this x-ray as well as the MRI to a UCSD fertility specialist. In the mean time I am going to try and get some other suggestions or consultations with a few other specialist to see what the say.

I know on Facebook I was pretty disappointed, but it sucks when something like this happens to you. I know I have my health and family and friends..and the dr didnt say I have to get a few more cats :-). Above is what my uterus looks like. I will post about this when I find more out, for now should be wedding stuff which is going nicely!


  1. Two Questions: So is the dark part the shape of your Uteris? Secondly, Is a hysterectomy the only option? Or will they try another type of surgery first? Additionally I have several friends who went to Reproductive Partners - Dr. Garzo - and had much success, they cannot say enough about RP - I went with my bff to one of her appt's there, and they are just incredible. Simply amazing.

    Love you girly, will be praying for you!! See you soon for phase 2 of operation wedding. ((hugs)) Chel

  2. Hey Chel,

    Sorry it took me forever! Yes the heart looking thing is. No I have to have this x-ray then go to the fertility specialist probably through UCSD. They may or may not have to do surgery. So we wont know for another few weeks.
    Yes phase 2! So many things accomplished already:-)