Monday, March 22, 2010

here is a picture of a normal HSG

not mine but i found it on just to help you see what a normal one is. 

Another day another test, it frickin hurt!

Well today was the hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is an X-ray test that looks at the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes and the area around them. (taken from webmd.) I have read a lot on this, how you feel, if it hurts, what to take. Many women say it isnt bad but OMG the pain was horrible. It was for a few minutes but even after taking a Valium ( Tony was there to drive me) and Naproxen it hurt. My OB, Dr Edwards was in the room inserting the die while the Radiologist doctor read the x-ray. At first they thought my left fallopian tube was blocked, but then the second time they inserted the die (which is when it really really hurt) it went through. You can see the die spots to the right of the uterus (heart shaped thing).  Below is what my uterus looks like, Dr. Edwards as well as the radiologist doesnt think this can be re-sected. BUT he didnt say I can not have kids. If you google uterus or look at other postings you can see this isnt normal. My Doctor has always thought this is how it looked but was hoping it wasnt. 

The baby has been implanting on the right, the bigger of the 2 uterus's which is good but still not a lot of room. I have made an appointment with Dr. Rakkoff a fertility specialist in San Diego through UCSD as well as Dr. Morales in San Diego. I told Dr. Edwards I made an appointment for April 7 today and he said he was going to see him this afternoon. He asked the radiologist tech to make a copy of this for him to take to Dr. Rakkoff's open house of his new facility. I really was impressed, I knew I liked my Dr. but for him to be this into my care I think is very cool. He was going to talk to him about my case at an Open House for his new facility.

Dr. Edwards said there are a few options, although he doesnt think it can be surgically fixed. I asked him about implanting into the right side to make sure the baby goes to the right side and he siad that is a possibility. He also says there are women who carry. I will definitely be high risk though.

I know it is bad of me to think why me, but I do. I know I have my health and an amazing fiance and family as well as friends. But this is a lot to take in.
Im sorry if I come across as selfish, but sometimes I just wonder. I wonder how things will turn out, what decisions we will have to make in the future. This is getting harder on me as we find out more and more.

Again I am sorry if I dont go to your baby shower or something like that. I will get over this, there are so many babies being born around us. They are all so adorable and I can not wait to meet them all!

Thank you friends for being there and understanding. Tony and I appreciate everyone's support.

For now we need to concentrate on our wedding!
Wedding dresses, decorations and the fun stuff!

I will post again in a few days but for now that is our update.

Thanks for reading!
Crysta and Tony