Saturday, January 30, 2010

Been a long week....

January 27 was our first due date, I wasn't sure how the week was going to go. It definitely started out crazy. I worked Mon-Wed 12 hours, Monday morning the lady who cleans the rooms on our floor asked me to do something and I for once said no. I know she doesn't understand and probably didn't know we lost two babies this past year and she didn't know it was our due date this week. But she asked me to create a flyer on the computer for her daughters baby shower. That was Monday morning, work was crazy busy which was good kept my mind off things.
Work was busy those 3 days and I was exhausted emotionally as well as physically.I am upset I missed a good friends CD Release party at the Belly Up in San Diego, it was Wednesday. I really hope she isnt upset, just wasnt a good week. She is an amazing person and starting to do well in the music industry.
February 10 can not come soon enough, actually February 17! The 10th is our MRI and the 17 is the follow up with the Dr..
Im glad the week is over, I need to focus on Relay and the wedding!

203 days until the big day!We are registering today finally! I cant believe Rachel Ray doesnt have a registry or her stuff in stores that do!
I hope everyone had a good week and weekend!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

MRI has been scheduled....

On Friday I was told that my MRI was being sent to the insurance to be approved, I called just now and it was approved.
I just found out that the MRI is going to be with/without contrast through my veins! MRI is an hour long, after the MRI I will see my doctor on another day to go over the results of the test. MRI is scheduled for February 10 at 10:30am. I just made my follow up for the doctor to review the results for February 17 at 3:50PM. I wont really know anything until the 17th, thats another month of wondering!!

In the mean time I will have to keep myself busy with wedding stuff! I am looking for invites right now as well as dresses online.

Big game this weekend! Go Chargers~

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

back to work I go....

I have been off of work since November 14, and tomorrow I am going back to work. I will be on day shift and I hope it goes well tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mulleran Anomalies

Yesterday I went to my 2 week check up from my D&C. My doctor said I am doing great and ordered some blood test, chromosomal testing for both Tony and I as well as miscarriage panel which I do not know what that consists of. I will know the results of all but chromosomal testing soon. Until Tony gets his blood drawn; which some of us know he faints! :-); we wont know for a few weeks. I am sure the blood work is normal as are the doctors. They are pretty sure that I am miscarrying due to my uterine birth defect.

I got all this information from as well as the yahoo group connected to this blog.

What is a Mulleran Anomalie?
The uterus, fallopian tubes and upper vagina are made up of two partially fused tubes, which, in the embryo, are known as müllerian ducts, named for physiologist Johannes Peter Müller, who first described them in 1830. They are also known as the paramesonephric ducts, and are at first present in embryos of both sexes.

Normally, these ducts run down vertically from flank to pelvic floor in the young embryo and eventually fuse into a double-barreled tube with two loose ends, known as the uterovaginal primordium, or UVP. The double UVP will eventually merge into a single-barreled uterus, cervix and upper vagina, while the loose ends develop into the fallopian tubes. In adulthood, these organs are referred to as the müllerian tract and congenital malformations of this tract are called müllerian anomalies, or MAs.

In the male embryo, in the presence of anti-müllerian hormone (AMH), the müllerian structures disintegrate during early development. They persist in the female because she does not produce AMH.

In the embryo, the müllerian ducts act as scaffolding for the mesonephric ducts, which give rise to the kidneys. Because of this parallel structural relationship, it is common for a kidney or other urinary anomaly to be present with a müllerian anomaly.

My Dr who is just a regular OB seems to think I have one of two issues ;

A.  Uterus didelphys (UD): The müllerian tract fails to fuse along all or most of its length. There may be complete duplication of the vagina, cervix and uterus, and the two halves may be divided by a ligament of connective tissue. UD is reported to have the best pregnancy outcomes of all the MAs. SEE IMAGE BELOW.

 Bicornuate uterus (BU): The uterine fundus fails to fuse and a myometrial division extends down to the cervix in a complete bicornuate uterus, or part way to the cervix in a partial bicornuate uterus. The division is visible on the outside of the uterus, evidenced by a groove or cleft in the uterine dome exceeding 1.5 centimeters. Cervix and vagina are usually single but may be septate or duplicate. BU has relatively few pregnancy complications when compared to SU or UU, with breech presentation being one of the most common. SEE IMAGE BELOW.

 We wont know until February when the MRI is scheduled but for now this is what may be going on. 
I go to Scripps Hospital and my OB/GYN is very knowledgeable, he has only known of 1 other doctor besides the one he has seen do this surgery procedure. So we may have to get many different opinions,,. My doctor said he can do the surgery and will with another Doctor present if he has too. We wont know anything until February.

I just read on that 15% of women with bicornuate uterus have recurrent pregnancy loss. they  said 65-85% have normal pregnancies.  I will get more statistics on everything later on. It just amazes me as I read that I never had abnormal periods, more pain with periods or anything different until I got pregnant. 
My doctor told me he looks forward to delivering a baby for us but obviously we need to fix whats going on. I will get a few opinions and have subscribed to a yahoo group solely for Uterine defects. 

I never knew until August this was a case, it is crazy to  me. I used to think you get pregnant, carry for 9 months then boom a baby. Not in my case or many others. I just hope my friends and family will understand if  I dont attend a baby shower or something of that nature. I know it will pass, but for now this is hard for Tony and I. It seems so easy for many couples, but for us it is not. 
I do not know what is in store for us, I hope I will be able to carry a child of my own one day, but i know there are other options out there. 

I will post more as I know, but will probably post more wedding stuff for now until we know more about me! 

Thanks for caring, understanding and following us in our adventures! 

Its been a long few months..

So all of this started in May when we found out we were expecting, our due date then was January 27, 2010. Yup so in 3 weeks were suppose to expect "Baby G #1." After complications off and on through out the first 14 weeks we found out on Aug 4( not sure on date) that we had lost it. We do not know what the sex was or why we lost it. We were told it just happens. I took a month off work and returned, only to find out that a month later  we were expecting again! In the meant time I had switched back to Scripps physicians and found a new doctor. I started having complications again, much like the first time around. I was put out on "rest" to be returning to work on December 30, 2010 hopefully getting out of our 1st trimester. 

My new doctor, I didnt like to start our with. I should of switched! We had been seen every two weeks, saw a heart beat and were told everything was going fine. This doctor as well as ultrasound techs noticed something on my ultrasounds. I was asked in Urgent Care one night if I had two horns? What the heck was two horns, I had never been asked that. The tech kept asking me all these questions and I kept saying no I am fine. The Urgent Care doctor then told me it looked like I had what is called a Bicornuate Uterus, I had no idea what this was. She reassured that many women have this and carry just fine. After seeing my OB and doing research on a bicornuate uterus I decided to elect in the 1st tri-mester screening since I would be able to see the Perinatoligist sooner than I would if I were to wait until my 15th week or so.  So I scheduled the testing of neck thickening on the baby, which does no harm to the baby just a more in depth ultrasound. I did this so I could ask questions about my so called birth defect. 
December 18 Tony and I went to Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, we were expecting to get some answers and see our baby maybe even find out the sex, since the ultrasound is that good. We were suppose to be 13-14 weeks, when the ultra sound tech asked me when my last ultra sound was...I knew thins weren't right. Sure enough we had lost it, the Perinatologist came in and double checked. After I tried to settle down she brought us in and talked to us. With out more tests and exams she wasn't able to tell us everything right then and there. She did say I definitely have a uterine birth defect, which she thinks is why I miscarried two times. She said I would have to go through blood tests and a few other xrays in order to find out exactly what was going on and possible a surgery down the road. I first had to have another D&C for what was going on that day. After I recover from this procedure I will be able to start testing... Ill post another blog in a bit about what happened yesterday at the doctors! Im off to the gym or a run for now in this lovely weather we are having in San Diego! 

Monday, January 4, 2010

Just getting used to blogging!

I am not sure how to work this thing! Dont know how to format it like I want.. but I will be posting about our wedding updates as well as doctors appointments.  

I know some of you think im crazy to post but I feel this is the easiest way for me to tell those who want to know what is going on with out having to repeat myself over and over. Also by writing it down I think it will help me deal with it. Yes I know it isnt the end of the world, but it is a big deal. This is a private blog, so dont worry the whole world will not know. This is for close friends, and family to keep updated on our, my status. 

As most of you know I do have a uterine birth defect or a bicornuate uterus; I will post more tomorrow about it. I did see my doctor today and found out a few things that I could possibly have and what tests I will have to go through. 
Im doing great though, just have to take it day by day!  I will post everything tomorrow, but REMEMBER I will post some pictures to explain things so join if you want, 

More tomorrow!